Online surveys


SurveyMonkey helps you create online surveys quickly and easily, making the process of collecting feedback incredibly simple.


Helping you to listen to others, Wufoo will help you create online surveys. When you design a form with Wufoo, it automatically builds you a database, and collects your data in a way that makes it easy to understand and analyse. You can build tables, graphs and charts, surveys and securely share the results.

Sue Oxley and her team are based at a busy community centre in Doncaster. She’s always on the lookout for online tools that will save her time, and WuFoo does just that.



Originally created to help teachers to quiz their students, ProProfs is a really handy way to send questionnaires or surveys to people's compu

QuickTapSurvey for iPad & Android Tablet


A user friendly mobile survey that lets you create surveys for your tablet quickly and easily. QuickTapSurvey collects opinions and information and collates data, for iPad & Android Tablet.



Commonplace is a digital tool that collects the opinions of people who live, work, and frequent a neighbourhood as an evidence base to improve the local area.