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Outcomes Star

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Outcomes Star


The Outcomes Star™ is a unique suite of tools for supporting and measuring change when working with people.

The different stars are designed to be completed collaboratively as a part of keywork. They are sector wide tools - different versions of the Star include homelessness, mental health and young people. All versions consists of a number of scales based on a model of change.

Using the tool and a 'Star Chart' the service user and worker plot where the service user is on their journey. The attitudes and behaviour expected at each of the points on each scale are clearly defined, usually in detailed scale descriptions, summary ladders or a quiz format. 

The Outcomes Star™ is applicable where:

  • You have an on-going relationship with your service users in which you meet one-to-one on a regular basis
  • You want to measure outcomes as an integral part of the on-going work of your organisation rather than through occasional research
  • You want to measure progress on a range of areas (at least three but usually five or more)
  • You want to measure distance travelled towards end outcomes rather than just whether or not an end outcome has been achieved
  • You want to use the data in an on-going way for learning and service-improvement.

There are different versions of the Outcomes Star™. These can be downloaded as PDFs from this website and are free to try out as paper-based tools on condition that you do not make any changes. All are also available for online completion and analysis through the Star Online. There is a cost involved for using the online version but a 30 day free trial is available.

Case studies

    Nicola Wallace Dean, Project Manager for Starting Point Community Hub talks about how she has used the Outcomes Star as a tool for monitoring the change in participants attitudes on one of her communi


  • It helps improve keywork and provides evidence of outcomes
  • It is engaging, visual and collaborative
  • It counts the things that really count
  • It is tried, tested and ready to implement
  • Paper version is free to download and use


  • There may not currently be a star that is relevant for measuring the type of work you are doing but new versions are being developed
  • You will need to pay for the online version