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Benefacto is a social enterprise in London which currently provides a free service to around twenty-five small charities in London, ranging from employment clinics, to older people's clubs and homeless shelters.

These charities are sent employee volunteers (usually individuals and pairs, rather than big groups) to provide a helping hand at the services they run.

The response from charities has been fantastic, they've found the volunteers are energetic, bring strong soft-skills and can be easily applied - often enhancing how the charity delivers its services.

The way it works is that you specify when you need volunteers and they are listed on the site. Every time a volunteer books you receive a confirmation email with their details.


- It is a great way to enlist new support for your charity
- You will receive high-quality people who are keen to help you and will be easy to put to work
- This will allow you to either enhance your service delivery, or release a member of staff to complete other duties
- The process of being involved and accepting volunteers is very low-admin


- Only based in London
- The stream of people is ad-hoc and you won't necessarily get the same volunteer each time
- You need to be a registered charity