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Do is a simple tool for organising projects and tasks in secure groups. Ideal for anyone working on multiple projects at one time.

Do lets you work on shared or private tasks, projects, and notes. You can attach documents to your tasks, track progress through activity feeds, comments, and real-time notifications. Do is also mobile, so you can work from anywhere with your phone, tablet, or computer.

There is a free basic version of this tool from Salesforce, or a premium version with more features on a monthly contract. The free version allows you to create projects, invite and communicate with participants and maintains a thread of activities with reminders to help you.


- All your contacts for one project in one place
- Everyone kept up to date on progress
- Separate groups allow you to keep details and participants of individual projects totally separate
- Apps available for iOS and Android


- Some of the things you might need are only available in the paid-for version, but the basic free version is still pretty good.