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Blue Dots

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Blue Dots


Blue Dots are a new social currency used to reward people for volunteering, donating or ‘liking’ non-profits on Facebook. For every donation or action that a supporter completes, a Blue Dot will be awarded to the supporter.

These Blue Dots are saved and then redeemed for offers such as exclusive celebrity products, discounts, free tour tickets and work experiences at organisations like Facebook or Wired. All the good your supporters do adds-up on a shareable ‘good CV’ which can then be displayed to the user’s social media network, businesses and other organisations.

It's easy for charities to set up their own page and feeds to share the available offers, incentivising their own volunteers and supporters to take action.


- A great way to get people to share your message and support your organisation.
- You can set up your own page with offers for your supporters and volunteers.
- Encourages people to spread your message through their own social networks.


- Finding an tempting reward to offer that doesn't break the bank.
- You will need a Facebook page or JustGiving to set up your charity page.
- People who can spread your message through their networks and grow your active supporter base.


communityhowto ... Blue dot is a commercial profit making company
Friday, August 2, 2013 - 15:46