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Google Drive

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Google Drive


Part of a suite of applications called Google Apps, Google Drive allows you to store documents safely, access them from anywhere you have access to a browser and the internet, and collaborate on documents in real-time with other people.

Once documents are uploaded to Google Drive, you can share the documents with other people, organise your documents into folders and convert documents to the Google format to allow other people to view the documents without Microsoft Office or other productivity suites.

Case studies

    Southern Housing Group
    Anthony Snead, Digital Champion for Southern Housing Group, talks about how Southern Housing Group uses Google Drive to store and share documents quickly and securely.


- Access your documents from anywhere you have internet connection.
- Eliminate the need to have Microsoft Office by converting documents to the Google format.
- Sleep peacefully at night knowing your documents are safe and if you do accidentally delete something the "Trash" button is only a click away.
- Collaborate on documents with people in real-time.
- Share documents with other people even if they do not have a Gmail account.
- See the revision history of a document and revert back to an older version.


- Keep a document in its native format (ie. Microsoft Word) or convert to Google Drive format.
- Formatting is not always preserved when converting a Microsoft Office or other proprietary document to a Google Drive format.
- If you have multiple people sharing documents related to a common project or organisation, it is difficult to centrally manage these documents. It is recommended to either store all documents and share them from one account or create a "Google Apps for Business" account. A cost is associated with this type of account.


ecoroamer The new Google Drive sync for PC & Mac makes this even more of a no-brainer, as now your files are automatically syncing with the cloud and you can take everything with you.
Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 03:38
PhilipG There's no excuse for anyone not to have online back-up of important documents and files. It is so easy to set-up and use. I was talking to a colleague last week who lost everything in a burglary, including the hidden external hard drive with all their priceless family photos on it.
Friday, April 12, 2013 - 18:53
peteratkinson I find that this is a very useful tool. In the past I have had to make sure that any documents or utilities I might need were on a memory stick and we all the horror of finding your memory stick wont work. With Google Drive all I need to do is upload all the bits I might need and log in to any internet enable PC.
Friday, April 12, 2013 - 15:22