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Victoria Lawson

JustGiving is a web service that lets charities set up and publicise a page to encourage donors to give money online. Donors can donate through Paypal, from their phones, from Facebook apps, even by text message. Offering donors so many different ways to give means that they can pick which option suits them best... and makes it more likely that they will!

Setting your account up can take a bit of time as JustGiving need to ensure that only genuine charitable organisations can receive donations. You’ll need to fill in some forms and post them before your account can be validated.

Once you are set up there are loads of things you can do with your JustGiving account. You can add ‘Donate’ buttons to your own website, display your target amount and how far you have progressed towards that goal. You can even use JustGiving tools to show your supporters the difference that their donation amount will make and personalise thank you messages.

Case studies

    How the Cathedral Archer Project make use of


  • Gift Aid is automatically claimed on your behalf - so it can increase the amount of money you receive.
  • JustGiving increases the number of ways that people can donate to you.
  • Get reports so you can understand who is donating to your cause.


  • Organisations have to pay a 5% transaction fee on each donation and a monthly membership fee of £15
  • No fixed contract but you do need to give a month's notice to leave.


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