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Golden Giving

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Golden Giving


Golden Giving is a donation and fundraising website that is free to use for both charities and fundraisers. Charities, non-profits and community groups can all set up their own fundraising pages, helping to increase revenue through regular or one-off donations from donors.

No fees are deducted from donations or Gift Aid, so all the money goes to the intended recipient.

Case studies

    NCTLC Trust logo
    The National Children’s Tumour Leukaemia and Cancer Trust needed an easy online way to collect donations and to help their fundraisers do the same.


Golden Giving is an ethical online-giving site, bringing back ethical giving:
- Free to use
- Easy to use and Reliable
- Non-exclusive; charities, good causes and non-profits are able to join
- The full amount of Gift Aid goes to the charity
- Donation and Fundraising Widgets available for charity websites
- Support and Assistance available to charities

Including online fundraising and donations, Golden Giving also offers the following:

- Charities can create events and sell tickets online
- Charities can accept regular donations with Direct Debits
- Charities can manage Memberships
- Charities can receive Notifications
- Charities can manage all Reports online
- Gift Aid can be claimed automatically

Golden Giving does not charge charities for providing these services. Charities and good causes using Golden Giving raise more funds than if using mainstream fee charging online-giving sites.

Golden Giving is the only independent free fundraising and donation site in the world helping worldwide charities and good causes


- It is free and easy to join Golden Giving