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A collaboration tool for community groups, with email groups, document storage, website, wiki pages and more.

With Groupspaces you create a group and then keep all your communications online and in one place. Store your member details securely, control who sees what on your website, send email newsletters and track open rates.

The smallest package is free, for which you get 2 member lists, 50 members, and 250MB of storage. If you need more space or more members, there are larger plans with a progressively increasing monthly fee.


  • It is free up to 50 people in the group
  • It’s really simple to use.
  • Control who sees each page of your website


You have to pay when you use over 250MB of storage. so make sure that you only put the latest version of documents on the site.

If you build up more than 50 members you’ll have to pay a higher price plan.