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Commonplace is a digital tool that collects the opinions of people who live, work, and frequent a neighbourhood as an evidence base to improve the local area. It's a crowd-sourced insight tool for use by community groups, local authorities, housing associations, property developers, and planning and public engagement professionals.

Commonplace software has two modules: a custom app that is used by residents to comment on their locality and proposed changes to it, and a set of real-time data analytics provided to the client.

Commonplace helps to reduce planning risks and increase return on investment by providing:
• Real-time insight into community needs
• A platform to engage and collaborate with communities for mutual benefit

Commonplace has already been used to:
- gather local views for neighbourhood planning
- gather people's opinions on how to regenerate their neighbourhood
- design walking routes in collaboration with local residents and obtain feedback on popular cycling routes
- support the case for Community Asset Transfers and measure satisfaction with transport modes

You can see a demo at


- Provides a platform for public consultation on local issues and planning and other projects.
- Aims at reducing planning risk and cost and promotes better decision-making.
- Comments are anonymously displayed on a high visualised map
- It's compatible with all web-enabled devices


- It's not free to use, but there's a 60+% discount for neighbourhood and community groups