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We Transfer

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We Transfer


We Transfer lets you upload any file to their server, they'll then send an email to anyone you like with a link from which they can download the file. It means you can send files that might be too big for email without having to mess around with hard drives. And it really is  SO simple to do.


- Cost saving - some sites will charge you to transfer large files so it's great that We Transfer is free.

- Convenience - it saves lots of time and fuss that can be spent figuring out how to send very large files to colleagues.

- Simplicity - It's hard to say just how simple the site is to use! Enter your email address, the email address of who you're sending the file to, upload the file from your computer and click send!


- Make sure that the file you need to send is less than 2GB. If not, try to split the file or document into smaller parts if possible.