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PiratePad is a free internet/web based word processor designed for working collaboratively in real time. Everyone who uses the document can see everyone's contribution in real-time and you are able to display the text of each author by looking for their particular colour. The formatting tools available include all of the basic word processing editing functions, such as bold, italic, underline, strike out, left and right alignment, bullet points, redo and undo. Contributors can change the size of the viewing area, import or export files and save revisions.

The document that is created can also be downloaded in plain text or in HTML. The Time Slider button allows everyone to see the editing history of the pad as it happened.


• Pirate Pad is free
• You do not need to sign up
• No forms to fill in
• You can use it for word showers and other collaborative discussions.
• It's great for peer to peer editing, listing and gathering documented thoughts on a single topic.
• I have used it for problem solving. Type out the problem and wait for the solutions to be added.


• Ensure that all editors understand that they must be careful not to delete text added by other contributors
• Only discuss one topic at a time as the display can get very confusing
• The colours can be difficult to read