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Jo McQuade

Pinterest allows groups and individuals to organise the images they like online, by pinning them on a virtual pin board. You can set up a business profile and create several boards that show off your personality, core values and aims. If you already have some attractive images or videos on your website you can start by pinning them. Pins can link to news articles, how-to-guides, infographics, events pages and so much more, your imagination is the limit.  You can also re-pin other people's pins to your boards. 

Visit the Community How To Pinterest account to see how we are using it.


  • Share your news through your pictures and videos
  • Connect with your communities, partners and funders
  • Add a pin in button to your website to encourage others to pin your content
  • You can install a pintrest bookmarklet to make it easier to pin while you are browsing the internet


  • Pintrest should be uses along side other social media tools i.e. facebook or twitter