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This tool is a great website to search out inspiring and informative presentations and documents. Browse content uploaded by others or upload your own files to your free Slideshare account for others to view.

Each user gets a Slideshare homepage where they can add details about themselves and where the files are stored.

Slide presentations can be embedded within your website for visitors to watch and there are a range of 'sharing buttons' to let others know about the great new talk you have just added to your page. Copyright and Creative Commons licences can be set on each presentation individually as sometimes you may not want to others to copy and reuse all your talks. .

When presentations are uploaded they can be tagged with keywords to make them easy to find by others and by adding a short description of the content.You can also upload audio and video track to play alongside the presentation files.

Basic statistics showing views and downloads are provided.
In the (paid-for) Pro version you can style your profile page and have access to more detailed real-time statistics.


- The free version has all the features you need
- It is a great way to be inspired by other people's talks and presentations
- A good way to research for talks you are giving
- Files can be downloaded and used in your presentation software (e.g. Powerpoint)
- A source of documents, PDFs and guides not just presentations


- Not all content can be re-used - check the Copyright restrictions
- Sometimes a little limited for UK specific Voluntary & Community Sector content