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Mindjet is collaborative work management software for brainstorming ideas, organising information and managing projects and tasks. Use Mindjet interactive maps, social task management and document storage to turn your ideas into action.

Case studies

    Rahima Begum, Community Regeneration Officer for Southern Housing Group, discusses how she uses Mindjet to help brainstorm, plan and track ideas and meetings, as well as collaborating in The Cloud.


- Helps you to quickly capture your best ideas.
- Track the progress of projects and tasks with our easy-to-use interface.


- Some more comprehensive versions require payment.


ecoroamer This software is expensive and there are free mind mapping competitors out there, but I have stuck with this one through several years and versions.

I love mind mapping as a tool for planning and brain storming. Where mind jet excels is that it goes beyond just those, too allow you to produce comprehensive documents where your maps link off to other resources (like spreadsheets and URL's) so each branch in your map leads to do much more.

I'm hooked and definitely recommend it.

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 03:50