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Glasscubes helps teams to manage projects together online. You can organize your day to day work, managing information, people and files securely.

Separate your information into separate folders for separate projects and grant authorisation for different people on your team to access these folders.

If you have a document that has been updated you simply select to upload a new version. Everyone can be alerted by email that changes have been made so everyone's kept up to date .

A free version is available for an unlimited number of users but you will need to pay if you need more than the 1GB storage space.


- It allows all partner organisations to have a common workspace for sharing and collaboration.
- It is free but an upgrade is available that will allow amendments to be made to documents online
- Tasks can be set and the calendar can display important dates that need to remembered
- You can post messages
- You can add polls


- Some organisation's firewall settings can prevent the delivery of emails from the site
- It is easy to provide access (this is done via email messages)
- Users set their own username and password