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Helping you to listen to others, Wufoo will help you create online surveys. When you design a form with Wufoo, it automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed to make collecting and understanding your data easy, fast and fun.

Wufoo host everything, so all you need is a browser, an internet connection and a few minutes to build a form and you can start using it right away.

As you gather data through your form, Wufoo provides a data visualisation system to help you view, understand and analyse your collected information in real-time. You can build filtered tables, graphs and charts and securely share your survey results with others.

The Free option gives you 1 user, 3 forms, 3 reports, 10 fields and 100 entries each month.

Case studies

    In setting up their Job Clubs NetBuddies needed to minimise the paperwork but achieve accurate and consistent results, both in collecting personal details and in maintaining attendance records.

    Sue Oxley and her team are based at a busy community centre in Doncaster. She’s always on the lookout for online tools that will save her time, and WuFoo does just that.


  • Easy to set up forms that can be used for surveying
  • Forms can be printed and used for street research
  • Real time reports from your data


  • The free tool contains advertising.
  • You’ll need to pay if you want more forms, reports, fields, entries or storage


hazelbroad My understanding from the wufoo account management pages is that if you are on a paid account, your account will always continue to accept entries. If you exceed your entry limit, you will be charged $0.05 per entry when your account is billed.

If you are on a free account, your forms will cease to accept new submissions once your entry limit is exceeded. Your form will show a message stating that your form is “no longer receiving entries”.

As far as I can tell, the entries remain on record indefinitely. It's worth noting that you can download batches of entries into a spreadsheet or use a range of other ways to back up your data.

At RVA we use wufoo not just for surveys, but to handle all our online forms requirements to provide information for our online directory and news and info channels. We have a 5 user account with unlimited forms, and currently have about 20 forms on the go from volunteering recruitment forms to simple membership requests.

Monday, January 28, 2013 - 15:48
kevinmaye Looks like a good tool, does it store your data indefinitely though?
Friday, September 28, 2012 - 11:07