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QuickTapSurvey for iPad & Android Tablet

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QuickTapSurvey for iPad & Android Tablet


QuickTapSurvey lets you create surveys for your tablet quickly and easily! It's packed with features and is designed to make the survey experience easy, fast and engaging for your target audience.

QuickTapSurvey allows users to input opinions and information based on an easy questionnaire format. It collates information received and turns it into data than can be used to support funding applications, user feedback and learner responses and allows the designer to view responses quickly and easily. Securely view survey responses online, export to Excel and analyse trends in real-time.

It's perfect for market research, customer feedback, lead capture, marketing and any face-to-face data collection.


- Fantastic tool to use on an iPad.
- It's user friendly, captures information and formats to easily readable data.
- Surveys can be edited and designed (with theme choices) to suit requirements.


- The survey has to be designed on a PC or laptop. The app then needs to be installed onto an iPad through Apple app store to use the surveys.
- Additional surveys and advances features need to be purchased.