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Digital Skills Volunteers

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Digital Skills Volunteers


The UK online centres website allows any third sector organisation who provides basic digital kills to people in its community to register for free volunteer support from trained Digital Champions provided by Lloyds Banking Group ( and other companies invested in digital inclusion).


Tinder Foundation (who manage the UK online centres network and website) and Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) are committed to helping people without digital skills gain the knowledge they need to make the most of computers and the internet. As such, the offer is completely free.

The Digital Champions provided through the scheme are trained specifically to support digital beginners. The offer is also completely separate from their corporate duties, so the organisations and individuals the volunteers support will not be expected to be LBG customers or have any association with their brands.


Lloyds Banking Group is unable to guarantee availability of volunteers in specific areas but hope to reach as many organisations that register for the scheme as possible.