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Jo McQuade
LinkedIn is a social media platform where you can connect with the people you do business with, and share your company updates through direct messages, or status updates.  You can also follow company pages to receive their news in your news feed, or engage in discussions with LinkedIn groups.
Your LinkedIn profile allows you to display your key skills, work experience and education history.  You can also ask your contacts to write a recommendation about you or endorse your skills. 
LinkedIn also has it's own volunteering section - LinkedIn for Volunteers - to connect those interested in volunteering with non-profits that need them and their service. 

Case studies

    Jo McQuade
    I’ve been using LinkedIn to expand my network since 2009, it’s now my first point of call when I want to reconnect with a contact.
    Jo McQuade Community and Marketing Manager at Tinder Foundation talks about how she uses LinkedIn to keep in touch with her contacts


  • Keep in touch with your business contacts 
  • Share your company news
  • Follow company pages on LinkedIn
  • Join, or start your own LinkedIn group to discuss shared topics of interest
  • See who has viewed your profile 
  • Display your recommendations 
  • Record your achievements
  • Advertise or search for jobs



  • Don’t link up with individuals you don’t already know
  • LinkedIn groups are for discussions only and not promotions