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sarahbrockway5 is a social network which connects community and charity projects with companies that can help.

On the project side, you can sign up for free and create a project page where you give the details of your activity, upload pictures and documents and state an amount of money or volunteer time that will help you achieve your goals. The page is designed for sharing so that the project lead can invite the wider project team plus supporters/friends/family to come and follow the project and to also comment on and share it to show that it has lots of support.

Companies that have time or funds to donate to local (or national) causes join neighbourly and can search for projects that match what they want to donate. The site uses maps, tags and categories so that it's easy for companies to find relevant projects by location or area of interest. The projects that have the most supporters and that are the noisiest in terms of content, comments and shares rank highest on the site, which helps companies to see which ones are the most active. Once companies find a suitable match they can make an offer via the site to 'back' the project with time and/or money.

For individuals, neighbourly is a place where you can find out about non-profit projects that are happening in your local area and then support them by following them and using your social networks to help spread the word.


- A way of connecting with businesses to bring in funds/volunteers
- Free for projects
- Helps to raise awareness
- You get notifications when you have new followers or comments on your project


- Projects that are the most active in terms of the amount of followers, comments, social shares etc. rank higher on the site
- You can't use the site to approach companies direct, but if you are active it's easier for a company to find you
- The site doesn't currently allow for individuals to donate money or time (just companies), but it does give you the tools to ask friends and family to help you spread awareness