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EasyFundraising is a web portal that allows supporters to fundraise for their chosen cause(es) every time they make a purchase from certain retailers or subscribe to some services. Many popular brands and retailers are part of this system, so you can easily raise a steady stream of income over time. It's not restricted to registered charities, so any group, or indeed an individual raising sponsorship, can be a part of it. It obviously helps if you have a large number of supporters actively supporting the same cause. Contributions range from a few pence per transaction, through to £20 plus for some services, like insurance. There are also occasional voucher, discount and special offers with big name retailers.

A sister organisation, EasySearch pays a small sum for every search carried out through their search engine, which you can install easily into your browser.

Case studies

    Derek Rocholl, Barnet FC Supporters Trust talks about how Easyfundraising has been used to raise funds to help a campaign to secure the return of Barnet Football Club to the town of its origin.


- Free.
- Easy to use.
- No cost to donor.
- Donor can choose cause for a single purchase.
- Find and Remind Toolbar encourages you to sign in when you visit a participating web site.


- Don't rely on it for fundraising, it's a useful supplement.
- Better if you can encourage a large crowd of supporters who consistently buy online to use it regularly.
- You do need to log in through the EF portal to be able to claim the cashback on your shopping.
- They pay quarterly, but only if your total for the quarter exceeds £15, otherwise it is carried forward.