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This free mindmapping app is very usable - the phrase that comes to mind is "a picture means a thousand words" which certainly is very true if you are trying to get across to an organisation the impact your project has had. You can also use SimpleMind+ to collaborate, brainstorm, and collect ideas – whatever you need to do!

SimpleMind+ measures up to other mindmapping tools with great features like colour coding and smooth lines.

Quick and easy and helps you communicate ideas to people in a very understandable way. Well worth checking out.


- Easy to use - drag, arrange and edit topics on the Mind Map page.
- Apply visual styles - change colors, borders and lines for maximum presentation impact.
- gets the impact of your project across to others very simply, quickly and dramatically without the need them to read hundreds of words.


- The free version does come with limited functions
- This app is just for iPad/iPhone use. It may be difficult to share with other devices