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paulwebster combines instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in a website that anyone can use to show a presentation, deliver training or demonstrate a product. It is intuitive and accessible and has many features that make it easy to use every time you want to just do an informal show-and-tell or present a formal presentation.

The free version allows up to 10 meeting participants to share their screens and send files. It also supports a chat function and internet phone calling. It's also possible to share your screen for viewing on an iPad or Android Tablet or phone too.

The person initiating the meeting downloads a small program which they use to control screen sharing. Each participant then joins by entering a meeting code on the website or from an email invitation they click to see the screen that the presenter is sharing.


- Very simple to share your screen with others
- Much simpler for someone to see your screen than you try to describe what is happening over the phone
- The free version has most of the features a small group of people will need
- Meeting controls are really intuitive
- You can watch a screen being shared on your mobile or tablet device
- Uses 256-bit SSL encryption


- The person initiating the meeting has to download a small program to control the screen sharing
- There is a 10 person maximum limit in the free version
- The people watching cannot share their screens with the presenter