Engage with Democracy

Here at Community How To we think it’s important that everyone can be involved in their own democracy, and just like everything else on this website, there are digital tools that can help make that easier.

We’ve started with a few here to help you register to vote, contact your MPs and find out helpful information - feel free to add any more that you think will benefit others and help them get to grips with democracy.


GOV.UK - Register to Vote

You can register to vote at any time, whether there's an election happening or not. Once you've registered you won't need to do so again, unless you change address or change any of your other personal details. This online form on GOV.UK is the easiest way to make sure you are registered.


Want to stay on top of what's happening in Parliament? This website can help! It makes it easy for you to follow the topics you're interested in, see debates and statements, and find out what your MP, MSP or MLA is up to.

Bite the Ballot

Even when there isn't an election taking place, you still might want to know about politics and why you should vote? After all, there's nothing like being prepared! This website is full of useful resources that can help you answer that all-important question: “Why should I vote?”.

Find Your MP

Do you know who your MP is? Knowing who they are and how to contact them is important because they're the one representing you in Parliament - and the one you should go to to discuss Parliamentary decisions. This tool can tell you everything you need to know.


Election leaflets are useful during election time, but they can also be useful for research. Whether there's an election happening, you're designing a leaflet, or even if you're doing some political research for a project/work, this database of election leaflets can be very helpful.

About My Vote


About My Vote is a website run by The Electoral Commission that provides answers to all the big questions you may have about elections, voting and referendums.