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Never before has communication been so immediate, low cost and effective. All Textlocal accounts are 100% free and you will be up and running immediately. Come and play!

Textlocal Messenger is a free online mobile messaging service that enables you to instantly communicate with any group of people, any size, anywhere! Effortlessly send and receive high quality SMS texts, MMS picture & audio messages. Link these to your free mobile web pages made with our simple editor. Complete with full reporting and the highest quality of service.


Case studies


    Debs Drew talks about how Textlocal has helped with communications when working with Community Champions.


  • It's Free to set up an account
  • It's easy to use

Key Features:

  • Send SMS texts
  • Receive SMS texts
  • Receive replies
  • Send MMS Multimedia messages
  • Receive MMS Pircture messages
  • Powerful MMS API for developers
  • Email to SMS gateway
  • Create mobile web pages


  • There are costs for certain services.
  • You have to pay for a bundle of credits to be able to send messages.


andrealind Hi live in stansted in Essex. Would like to text.
Friday, January 23, 2015 - 10:26