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Richard Wall

The dotMailer suite of features help you easily run email and SMS campaigns. A wide choice of templates is available, and you can drag-and-drop elements to your template… so you don’t have to have any particular design skills to make your emails look professional. Responsive templates also mean that your emails will look good whether viewed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

dotMailer integrates with your CRM and content management systems to let you constantly track, analyse and improve your campaigns. 

Case studies

    Martin Lord from Northampton & District C.A.B describes how they effectively approached front line professionals within third sector organisations to communicate important Welfare Reform messages


Free 30 day trial
Allows you to collect and segment data
Create and build campaigns
Integration with social media to maximise reach
Full reporting and analysis
Time saved – it is much quicker and more effective than any other method C.A.B have used.


Although a free account is available you’ll still need to pay for credits to send your emails
Some of the optional features will cost extra