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YouRock is a service - aimed mainly at young people - where you can build a dynamic job profile that really rocks!

It's is designed to show your full range of working skills and to help you with the language of employers to describe them. There are six types of skills in the system: leadership, communication, analytical, creative, technical, and organizational. Your profile will contain a ‘diamond’ of these skills groups. You can also get individual skills endorsed, and build a resume showing your education and any employment history.

YouRock Diamond

It gives you the ability to create cool online content that shows off your skills. You will be able to link to this content in your profile. This site is where you can really shine, so get creative!


  • Unique way of building an online CV
  • Free to use
  • Great visibility as anyone from across Europe can see your profile
  • If you're not seeking employment, you can still use YouRock to make useful connections
  • Optimised for mobiles and tablets
  • Available in multiple languages


  • None currently