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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that enables you to see what is happening on your website or social media platforms. You can easily create reports to find out how many people are using your site what they are looking at and where they are coming from.
Vicky from UK online centres uses Google Analytics to get a view of how the organisation's websites are being used, and where improvements can be made. Here she tells us why it's so useful.


WordPress helps you create a free blog, or go further and build your own free non-profit website.
If you’re going to stand a chance of getting your name out there, having a website is a must. But it’s expensive and time consuming to develop one, right? Wrong! Richard Wallwork - manager at New Era Trust - tells us how WordPress is one digital tool they simply couldn’t do without.

Wix website creator


A site that helps you create your own website, even if you don't have any techie skills.

The Digital Garage

This service, provided by Google, gives you free courses to help you develop the digital skills you need to grow your business or career.



Easily create your own website for free

BT Community Web Kit

Free resource from BT for creating a community website. In just a few simple steps you can have a website that’s straightforward to set-up and easy to maintain.
Geoff Budden, Chairman of the Friends of Kinson Common, talks about how they were able to set up their community website quickly and easily using the BT Community Web Kit.



Learn software, creative, and business skills online.



Want to listen to your website visitors, customers or readers? SpeakPipe allows you to receive feedback in the form of an audio message.

Drupal Gardens


Drupal Gardens allows you to setup a website based on the Drupal CMS platform.



Typosaurus is a free online spell checker tool which scans up to 100 web pages for spelling errors.



NationBuilder is a community organising platform that allows users to build and manage websites.

The Blue Sky Cafe in Sheffield is a community cafe, situated inside the Old Junior School in Sharrow. They use NationBuilder to create and maintain their website.

Talk About Local


Do you need help finding an online voice for your community group?