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Vertical Reponse

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Vertical Reponse


Vertical Reponse is an online email programme, with a non-profit scheme for registered charities. This gives you full use of the registered programme free of charge, allowing you to create an unlimited number of email messages to your subscription list. Unregistered groups can also use the free programme to send a maximum of 500 messages per month.

You can produce attractive looking emails online using pre-defined templates which can be customised with your own colours and logos. It is possible to add placeholders to enable the production of personalised emails, so instead of ‘Dear Sir’ you can send an email to ‘Dear Fred’.

You can also schedule your email to be sent to your entire subscription list at the touch of a button - no more holding up your own computer, regardless of the size of your list.

Vertical Response lets you quickly create professional-looking email campaigns for little or no cost, making communication that little bit easier.


  • Free to registered charities
  • Can theme up and personalise emails


  • If you have large lists or need to send more than 500 messages a month then you won’t be able to use free of charge
  • Takes a bit of time to learn how to use