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Mad Mimi

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Mad Mimi

Richard Wallwork

Mad Mimi is an email marketing service, that can be used as an alternative to Mail Chimp.

Free at low usage levels, Mad Mimi is also scalable to cope with large mailing lists, so it can be used by larger organisations too.

You can customise your welcome messages, add sign-up forms to your website, and segment your mailing lists, making it easy to ensure the right people are getting the right message.

Mad Mimi also provides tracking data – so you can see how well your email is doing and make changes accordingly.


  • Very easy to use
  • Free for low usage levels
  • Scalable to cope with large mailing lists - so can be used by larger organisations too


  • Too complex if you just want to send simple emails to keep in touch with a group of people
  • You have to pay for higher levels of use