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helencammack is an email newsletter tool specifically designed for community groups. It was built by UK community group leaders for community group leaders. It's quite simply the easiest email newsletter tool for everyone to use, without confusing advanced features. helps you to:

  • Manage your email lists.
  • Involve everyone in contributing stories for your emails.
  • Keep track of what emails you've sent.
  • Make sure you don't miss anyone off the list.
  • Add photos to your emails to make them more interesting.
  • Create simple sign-up webpages so that people can sign up easily.
  • Manage your unsubscribes automatically.


  • Free to use basic product.
  • Designed for desktops and laptops but also works well on tablets.
  • Emails are responsive which means they look good on every device including mobile phones.
  • Uses email which is the most popular form of digital communication, for maximum inclusion.
  • Ensures no-one is left out of communications.
  • Email lists can be private (ie you choose who joins) or public (ie anyone can join).
  • Collaborative - so your committee can all contribute stories for your emails.
  • Keeps track of what emails you've sent, so passing on to someone else is easy.
  • An easy way to create visual emails which are more interesting to read.
  • Very intuitive to use.
  • Automatically creates sign-up webpages for your public email lists.
  • Allows you to embed a widget in your own website to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter.
  • Manages your unsubscribes automatically.
  • Fully compliant with UK law.


  • Hard to create email newsletters from mobile phones (use a desktop, laptop or tablet instead).
  • Doesn't have lots of email newsletter template choices.
  • Free product has limitations on number of subscribers.
  • May be fiddly to upload an existing list of email addresses, but follow the instructions.