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The big boy on the video sharing scene, more than 70 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute! It's super easy to create your own channel and you can upload as many videos as you like. Once you've uploaded the video, you can share the link with your audience or embed the video itself onto webpage. The site also works as something of a social network, so can follow other people's channels, get alerts when they post new videos and suggestions of similar things you might like. The comments section below the videos can get pretty lively too.


  • There's no charge to set up a channel
  • It's very user friendly, with the upload process being very easy.
  • You can add captions and jazz up your videos with different filters and effects, even after it's been uploaded onto the site.


  • Unfortunately you don't get any say about the adverts that might pop up during your videos, or the other videos that are promoted around your own, so the page can get pretty busy.