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Getting into will open up the world of image editing to you. It will enable you to edit images without having to buy expensive image manipulation software such as Photoshop or Corel Draw or any other image program. In fact you don't have to install anything. It works over the internet and is very straight forward.

For any fans of Photoshop this is such an excellent site to use. If you have ever wanted the functionality of image manipulation, cropping, merging - the usual things you would like to use out and about - then I can highly recommend this tool. Even if you have never used an image manipulation program or an expert - this is excellent. It also gives you the added advantage of being able to show other people how to manipulate images and then they can use exactly the same "software" in their own homes.

It has very similar features to the "big boy" expensive programs, you can put layers in, cloning, special effects, etc that you would expect from an expensive package.

Well worth checking out. I have now used it for many years and can highly recommend it.


- Don't have to install anything
- Very straight forward
- Similar features to the "big boy" expensive programs
- Relatively easy to use


- May not have all the features of the more expensive software


Victoria.Lawson If all you need to do is resize an image then is also a quick and easy tool to use. It doesn't have half the features of Pixlr though.
Friday, September 13, 2013 - 12:51