Typosaurus is a free online spell checker tool which scans up to 100 web pages for spelling errors.

Becoming a successful not-for-profit can take time and energy - but it also needs expert knowledge. Rockit Funding is a website dedicated to helping and advising organisations to develop and thrive.

It was set up by founder Anne Faulkner as a solution to the growing problem that not-for-profits with brilliant ideas and big ambitions were finding it hard to generate income to make their ideas happen.

They offer many expert services including how to identify funding opportunities, how to create a strategy to generate income and how to write bids and proposals.


A visual project management tool for goals and target setting.


Coursera aims to give everyone access to world-class education from the best universities.


Delicious is a bookmarking tool that can be made public or private as you require.


Learn software, creative, and business skills online. There's lots of video tutorials on a huge range of subjects - just pay a monthly subscription for as long as you like and access over 1550 courses whenever you want.


If you have people in your community whose first language isn't the same as yours, it can be a bit difficult to communicate with them. With Google Translate you can break through language barriers - and learn a new language along the way!

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