Deciding who to vote for during a General Election can be tricky - espeically if you don't know a lot about the parties and their policies. Luckily there are lots of digital tools online to help you! Take a look at the video below to find out more about them!

Have you registered to vote in this year’s general election? Do you know who to vote for? There can be a lot of tricky decisions and processes surrounding elections - especially if you don’t know much about what you need to do, and the different parties and their policies.

Here at Community How To it’s our goal to help you do more, more easily and we think it’s really important that everyone has a say in their own democracy. That’s why we’ve brought together all the best digital tools from around the web to help you make that all-important decision on May 7.

Even when there isn't an election taking place, you still might want to know about politics and why you should vote? After all, there's nothing like being prepared! This website is full of useful resources that can help you answer that all-important question: “Why should I vote?”.
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