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Deciding who to vote for during a General Election can be tricky - espeically if you don't know a lot about the parties and their policies. Luckily there are lots of digital tools online to help you! Take a look at the video below to find out more about them!

Community How To brings together all the best digital tools from around the web to help people and organisations do more, more easily within their communities - and we’re very interested to hear from those of you that have used our website to do just that!

If you’re familiar with our site you’ll know that we already have some success stories available about people who have used specific tools that we’ve recommended. This is great but we’d also like to hear from people who have used our site as a whole to find one or more tools to help them do more within their community.

To make it even easier for you to find useful digital tools on Community How To, we have introduced a new subcategory menu that allows you to search by what you want to achieve.   

Community How To manage events
Are you hosting a community event this Summer? These digital tools can help take the heat out of managing your events, from the early planning stages right through to your monitoring and evaluation.
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