Last week a new digital tool was launched that allows you to live-stream videos to Twitter.

It’s called Meerkat and it’s very simple and straightforward to use. It's taken the technology world by storm - according to The Wall Street Journal it had more than 15,000 users signed up in the first three days!


A user friendly mobile survey that lets you create surveys for your tablet quickly and easily. QuickTapSurvey collects opinions and information and collates data, for iPad & Android Tablet.


This free mindmapping app is very usable - the phrase that comes to mind is "a picture means a thousand words" which certainly is very true if you are trying to get across to an organisation the impact your project has had.


If you have people in your community whose first language isn't the same as yours, it can be a bit difficult to communicate with them. With Google Translate you can break through language barriers - and learn a new language along the way!

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