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WuFoo for communication

Sue Oxley and her team are based at a busy community centre in Doncaster. She’s always on the lookout for online tools that will save her time, and WuFoo does just that.
Using this online form builder Sue was able to capture information from different groups quickly and easily to assess how her project was progressing.

How has this tool been useful to you?
It allows me to create forms that look really professional, for free. You can design forms which include checkboxes, multiple choice questions or drop down boxes, checklists and lots of other formats. You can also upload your organisation’s logo to make forms look much more professional.

Once the data is captured, Wufoo will create reports, meaning I can avoid gathering all the information myself on Excel spreadsheets. I also receive a notification when someone has filled in the form, which is a great feature!

Top three benefits
1. It saves me having to email different client groups and asking them for information which I then have to transfer to an Excel spreadsheet
2. I can print out the form to use for collecting information if i’m street marketing
3. The form looks really professional and creates a great first impression.

Do you have to pay to use this tool?
There are two versions. One is free, and with the free version you can’t have multiple people using the account. You can have 10 free headings with as many questions you like against each, create three forms a month and get 11,000 replies for free.

I haven’t found it necessary to upgrade to the paid version $14.95

Are there any online tutorials available?
There’s a help section with tutorials which I’ve found really useful.

How long does it take to set up?
The first time I used it the form took five minutes, and so did the report.

Does using this application need time investment at the beginning?
Not at all. I took a few minutes to look at the tutorial but as I knew what I wanted to ask I just put it straight in and then selected the reports I wanted

Are there any limitations to using this tool?
I use it for quick surveys to help me understand how I can help new learners, what they’re looking for and their personal details. So far it’s been spot on! I haven’t used it for anything more technical, yet.

Do you have any other recommendations of tools that could help you do something similar?
I have used Survey monkey but I personally don’t get on with it as I think I have to spend more time in it to make things look nice.

Do you have any top tips for using this tool?
Watch the live demos or take one of the tours so you can see what you can do beyond the free version. Free is fine for me, but I know that the upgraded version can collect payments and register people for events. I haven’t used it for that but it’s good to know the capability is there.

If you get stuck on something there’s a community forum which is great as you can usually find answers to your questions really quickly.


netbuddies One of the best bits in WuFoo is the ability to add instructions or further explanation alongside the question. You can give detailed instructions that pop up when you roll the mouse over the question, so it does not clutter up the form itself. We find, like Sue, the free version is adequate. It's a good discipline to stick to a maximum of ten questions anyway.
It is super-easy to incorporate the form into a web site or blog, just watch the width of the window you give it. It will email you when someone completes a form, so you can check right away if a personal response is necessary above and beyond the automatic response it provides.
Any criticisms? It is very American in style (particularly the comments and menus), but that does not show to the user.

Monday, February 18, 2013 - 17:24
kevinmaye Sue knows her stuff, if it's good for her I'm in!
Friday, September 28, 2012 - 11:10