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NationBuilder makes website building easy

The Blue Sky Cafe in Sheffield is a community cafe, situated inside the Old Junior School in Sharrow. They use NationBuilder to create and maintain their website.
Tell us a bit about yourself. (Your job, organisation, and your technical ability!) 
My name's Milton Pennefather and I run a community cafe in Sheffield - it's called the Blue Sky Cafe and it's situated inside the Old Junior School in Sharrow.
Why did you look for this tool in the first place? What did you need help with? 
I had just recently set up the cafe and I wanted a website to do promotion and spread the word. We run a Spanish night in the cafe as well which we sell tickets for, so what I really needed was a way I could easily set up a website to promote my business and sell tickets.
How did you find out about the tool? 
My wife recommended it to me - she'd heard about other community organisations using it.
What is this tool mainly used for? 
I mainly use it for the website and for selling the tickets to our Spanish night. It's much cheaper than selling them through other platforms, like Eventbrite. I don't know much about creating websites, so the best thing about this is that it has templates, making it really easy to add in something like an event or a new page. It integrates with social media as well so it's really easy to promote events and ticketing through Facebook and Twitter.
What do YOU use it for? 
I use it to build and maintain my website, sell tickets for my Spanish night and promote these events through social media.
What have been the benefits of using this tool? 
I have been able to do everything I said above, but in the future I think I could benefit from it's volunteering function. We have volunteers at our cafe, so we could use NationBuilder to recruit them and, once they're on board, we can use it to stay in touch.
Is there any cost attached to using this tool? 
It was free for the first month as a trial - they ask for credit card details on set-up and from then on it's priced depending on the size of your database and email list. At the moment I pay $19, which is roughly £12.50. I would say, if you don't think you want to pay for it, I wouldn't bother with the free trial. You're probably better choosing another website creator that best suits your needs.
Are there any online tutorials available? 
There's lots of great 'how to' guides, forums and FAQs - it's easy to find help if you get stuck!
Did this tool need much of your or a colleague’s time to set up at the beginning? 
It took a few hours to get set up but it was quicker than some of the alternatives. I think if you have a lot of tech knowledge it would be much quicker.
Are there any limitations to using this tool? 
There are loads of different features, so you can do everything that you would probably want to do on it.
Do you have any top tips for using this tool? 
I'd definitely recommend using lots of different features to make your website more dynamic.