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Back 2 Barnet Campaign raises funds online

Derek Rocholl, Barnet FC Supporters Trust talks about how Easyfundraising has been used to raise funds to help a campaign to secure the return of Barnet Football Club to the town of its origin.
Tell us a bit about yourself. (Your job, organisation, and your technical ability!) 
As Chairman and Director of Communications for the Supporters Trust I was responsible for developing the website, and maintaining multi-channel communications with Trust members and over 2,000 supporters of Barnet FC. I have self taught experience at building websites, social media home pages and feeds and developing direct mail and email campaigns.
Why did you look for this tool in the first place? What did you need help with? 
A number of Football Supporters Trusts have been raising funds using Easyfundraising and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. It was simple to set up, but did require the creation of small website, which was easy to do using The great thing about it is that our members can generate funds for our campaign without having to do anything other than signing up to the scheme. It costs them nothing, and takes a couple of minutes to register. The big challenge is getting people to sign up in large numbers. Regular communication about the scheme through our website, online supporters forums, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin feeds is key to this.
How did you find out about the tool? 
We found out about Easyfundraising by benchmarking our fund raising campaign with other Supporters Trusts.
What is this tool mainly used for? 
Easyfundraising does what it says on the tin. It raises money easily.
What do YOU use it for? 
It is early days but we now have over 90 people signed up and making money for our campaign when they make online purchases through Amazon, M&S, Laterooms and a whole host of other big online brands.
What have been the benefits of using this tool? 
After a couple of months we have raised £500 and with sign up growing the amount raised is accelerating quickly.
Is there any cost attached to using this tool? 
We had a small costs associated with buying a dedicated web domain for our link to Easyfundraising but it would have been possible to intergrate the link into our existing website and then it would have been possible to use the tool at no cost.
Are there any online tutorials available? 
Everything you need to know about setting your organisation up to benefit from the system is on the website.
Did this tool need much of your or a colleague’s time to set up at the beginning? 
Including the creation of a simple one page website it took about 3 hours to set up.
Are there any limitations to using this tool? 
You will need a bank account for commissions to be paid into.
Do you have any top tips for using this tool? 
Keep telling people about it and get them to tell others. It costs them nothing to use and raises money for a cause they care about.