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Audioboo for measuring impact

Founded in 1899, Birmingham Settlement might be one of the oldest charities in the city, but they’re embracing 21st century technology to show the impact of what they’re doing using some handy recording technology.

Birmingham Settlement needed an easy way to record the impact of work on learners at their centre. Audioboo provided the answer particularly where learners were reluctant to appear on video! Development Officer Saqib Amin tells us more.

Why did you look for this tool in the first place? What did you need help with?
It’s really important that we keep track of how our learners are getting on so that we can report back to our funders on the impact we’re having. I wanted to film short interviews with the learners, but a lot of individuals didn’t want to appear on camera - particularly older women and people from certain ethnic or religious backgrounds. I had to find an alternative.

How did you find out about the tool?
I was at a social media workshop and the trainer there talked about it.

What is this tool for?
It’s an app for smartphones, but also available as a website. It lets you record someone speaking, and then uploads your audio clip and gives you a link to the clip online. Having a link means you can post recordings on websites, social media or on blogs.

Why has this tool been useful to you?
We’ve used it to record case studies for a project where the group didn’t want to be filmed, which meant we could demonstrate some of the outcomes of the project without making the group feel uncomfortable. It helps us show the progress the group are making, and the outcomes of the project, which is really important if we want to secure more funding in the future.

Is there any cost attached to using this tool?

Are there any online tutorials available?
There are some great tutorials on YouTube.

How long did it take you to set it up?
It only took about half an hour to get started. You can also sign in using your Twitter account, which speeds things up.


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