Raise money for Comic Relief - with digital tools!

The funny t-shirts are out and the red noses are on - it’s the BBC’s annual fundraising event, Red Nose Day! It takes place on Friday 13 March this year and the theme is Make your face funny for money.

So far we’ve seen celebrities such as Davina McCall and David Walliams with big red noses and decorated faces, but over the next week it’s the public’s turn to really get their fundraising hats on - and digital tools can give you the power to raise those valuable funds!

Come up with an idea

Maybe you want to hold a bake sale? Maybe you want to have a danceathon at your community centre? Maybe you’ve got so many ideas, you just don’t know which one to pick! If this is is the case, you’re going to need an efficient way to lay it all out.

SpiderScribe is a free mind mapping tool that lets you create and share mind maps. You can organise your ideas, collaborate with other members of your team, then share it all online. It’s free, flexible and you can even add photos and videos!

Organise and promote your event

Once you’ve decided what to do you need to organise it. Eventbrite is a website that can help you plan an event, set up ticket sales and do some promotion - all in one place!

Once it’s all set up you can share it on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to raise as much awareness and sell/give out as many tickets as possible.

Manage an event

Once it’s all been decided, and you’ve sold/given away all the tickets, you need to stay on top of everything to make sure it goes to plan. Trello is a free management tool that allows you to organise your projects on a digital board.

You can get your team involved, see updates in real time, and create and assign tasks. It also allows you to create to-do lists so you can stay organised.

Raise funds

Once it’s all organised you need to raise the funds for Comic Relief. There are many good fundraising tools, such as JustGiving, but Comic Relief actually have their own!

You can download or request your free fundraising kit through the website (or find it at the bottom of this article), set up your own personalised Giving Page, or you can simply donate using their tool. The suggested donations start at £30 and there’s also the option to add a custom donation.

Share your pictures

Once it’s all done and dusted you’re going to want to share your pictures with Comic Relief - and the rest of the world!

Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter allow you to do just that, but don’t forget to tag Comic Relief/Red Nose Day on Facebook, and mention @comicrelief and @rednoseday on Twitter!

Every year Comic Relief changes lives across the UK, and throughout Africa. Fancy getting involved? Start fundraising today!