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This week Lord Jim Knight, the Baron Knight of Weymouth, shows his passion for digital inclusion by sharing his top 5 (well actually 6) digital tools.
Community How To webinars

To support Community How To members further we want to develop a range of webinars to help you do even more with digital tools.  We would like to ask you - in this short five question survey - which webinars you would find useful and would like to attend.

Paul Webster works on the Lasa Connecting Care project and with voluntary and community sector membership organisations.

Vicky Lawson shares her top 5 digital tools with Community How To members

Vicky Lawson, Online Communications Manager at Tinder Foundation is a whizz when it comes to monitoring and evaluating our website and social media statistics. Vicky shares some of the digital tools she uses to help you get on top of your figures, and find your most engaging content.

Nyree Scott from Cambridge County Council shares her top five digital tools
Nyree Scott, Digital Inclusion Project Manager at Cambridgeshire County Council and Community How To member shares some of the digital tools she is putting to good use.
Rob Newsome from CharityComms Shares his top 5 digital tools

Rob joined CharityComms as communications officer in June 2012. He promotes CharityComms services, as well as managing the CharityComms website and social media accounts. Before this, he worked as a PR and Comms officer for a charity in Delhi after completing his MA in Multimedia Broadcast Journalism. And right now he is sharing his top 5 tools with us.

Community How To : Top 5 digital tools to set up a free website

This week James Speake, Head of Digital at Tinder Foundation is sharing some great tools that you can use to set up your own website.  All of these tools can be used free of charge but may provide extra features at a cost.  Find the best one for your group and get started on building an online presence that helps you communicate effectively with your community.

Community How To top digital tools of the week

Welcome to our first ever top 5 tools of the week!  To kick us off Helen Milner, Tinder Foundation CEO, has given us a glimpse of the tools she uses. Visit the tools page to find out at a glance: how you can get started, how long it will take to set up and how other non-profits rate these tools. Sign up to receive our weekly top 5 digital tools in your inbox!