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The eighth national Get Online Week kicks off today, and it’s set to be seven days of fabulous events, fun activities, and first times online.   

The campaign is run by Tinder Foundation, and will see thousands of Get Online Week events take place during October - from Post Offices to mosques, cafes to community centres, supermarkets to town halls, UK online centres to libraries - anyone and everyone can get a helping hand to get to the grips with the internet, whatever their level of skill or confidence.

If you’re running a project there are loads of great reasons for establishing an online community - generating enthusiasm and a sense of community among volunteers and project-participants, keeping your stakeholders informed, even sharing your successes with the wider world and showing your impact to funders.

But creating your own web community from scratch can end up being time-consuming and possibly expensive... so what can you do if you’ve got minimal budget and resource?

Get Online Week 2014

The eighth national Get Online Week is coming! On 13-19 October 2014 the annual digital inclusion campaign will once again hit towns and cities all over the UK.

Get Online Week is all about getting people in your community to see what they can do online - from keeping in touch with friends and family to saving money, enjoying hobbies or applying for jobs.
We hear all too often the community spirit is fading away. With busy lifestyles and the convenience of technology, we’re becoming more insular and less prepared to talk to our neighbours. 
However, a fast-growing social media website is helping to change that. Streetlife is the social network for local communities.
Twitter for communities

Twitter is a great digital tool for anyone involved in a community project, and used in the right way, could provide you and your work a real boost, whether that’s through publicity, garnering advice or even just as a celebration of your achievements.

Creating a Storify for your event

So you’re running the event of the year - you’ve got all the event management covered and now you want everyone to know how fantastic the day went. Social media channels like Twitter and Instagram are great for getting attendees to share their own personal experiences of the day but what you really need is one place you can bring it all together.

Enter Storify.

This month we’ve got two great new training packages on offer to help community groups do more of what they do best - especially if you support older people and adults with disabilities or want to help people develop employability skills.

Worth £350, each of these packages comprises 6 items which can be used by one individual or split between different staff and volunteers to make sure the right person takes advantage of the new skills and ideas gained from each event.


Evaluating Your Community Project is a new training course from Tinder Foundation, designed to help community groups learn more about how to prove the success of their projects for themselves and potential funders.