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Do you need more technology in your charity organisation but find it a bit difficult to afford it? Look no further - the Technology Trust is exactly what you need.

They are a social enterprise working in partnership with the third sector to encourage charities and not-for-profits to use digital technology to enhance the way they work, and one of the things they do is the tt-exchange - a technology donation programme that allows eligible UK-based charities to request donated technology products.

Do you work for a charity or third sector organisation - or know of one - that’s had a massive impact over the last year? Do they deserve to be recognised for it?

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is looking for nominations for their Charity of the Year award - and the application process is now open!

Setting up a new charity? Did you know that charities can now register online with HMRC - saving you time and making things much simpler?

Charities in the UK are entitled to certain tax reliefs to help them make the most of the donations they receive. To benefit from this great asset, they must be officially recognised by HM Revenue and Customs, and in the past they’ve had to carry out the application process manually. Now, as of this month, they can do it all online!

You may have seen the new digital tool on our site, Buttons. It’s the latest version of this product developed by social enterprise, Shift, and it allows users to save their favourite websites and share them with others.

It’s based on an earlier tool called Internet Buttons which was released back in 2010 and it has been adapted based on extensive user feedback, gathered in conjunction with different partners, including Tinder Foundation.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits is a new digital tool from the professional social media network that allows charities to identify and connect with potential volunteers, board members, employees and donors.

With 17 million active members in the UK alone, and almost a quarter of a million professionals signalling an interest in volunteering on their profiles, LinkedIn realised that it could play a big part in helping professionals connect with charities that need them - and vice versa!

We’ve got a brand new course on offer for community groups and leaders, to help you develop the skills you need to start up and manage your projects effectively.

Evaluating Your Community Project is an easy-to-use online course that provides learners with a clear understanding of different and effective evaluation methods, and how you can relate them to your project.

It’s aimed at those of you who are thinking about starting up a new community project or those of you who want to check that existing projects are working efficiently.

Community How To brings together all the best digital tools from around the web to help people and organisations do more, more easily within their communities - and we’re very interested to hear from those of you that have used our website to do just that!

If you’re familiar with our site you’ll know that we already have some success stories available about people who have used specific tools that we’ve recommended. This is great but we’d also like to hear from people who have used our site as a whole to find one or more tools to help them do more within their community.

In 2014 the way charities fundraise was completely transformed. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, allowed campaigns to gain a lot more momentum; as more people jump on the bandwagon, more money is raised for a good cause.

Hashtags are the driving force behind many social media campaigns. They are a digital tool in their own right and they are a simple way to gain publicity.