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Stuck for images?

Mon, 11/03/2013 - 13:54 -- Victoria Lawson

If you look after a website or e-newsletter then you know how difficult it can be to constantly source fresh, high-quality images to add visual interest to your pages.

Commissioning your own images from a professional photographer can be expensive, while stock photography is sometimes just a little bit too cheesy or not quite right for your brand. So what can you do?

Creative Commons might just be the answer

Creative Commons (CC) is a form of copyright licensing that means creators have given permission for others to share and use their work. If you’re looking for images that you can freely and legally use, a Creative Commons search will throw up thousands of photos that could be suitable for your project. Although there are usually some conditions attached (for instance you’ll usually have to make sure that the original creator is credited somewhere on your site), CC works can be used to add interest to websites and blogs.

And it’s not just for images! Try a Creative Commons search for videos, music, learning materials… whatever you need it could already be out there.

Get started

To get started with Creative Commons try the following links:
Flickr - Creative Commons
Search Creative Commons site
Advanced Google search (remember to select free in the usage rights dropdown options)

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Stuck for images?