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New digital tool makes live-streaming on Twitter easy

Fri, 06/03/2015 - 14:47 -- samanthataylor

Last week a new digital tool was launched that allows you to live-stream videos to Twitter.

It’s called Meerkat and it’s very simple and straightforward to use. It's taken the technology world by storm - according to The Wall Street Journal it had more than 15,000 users signed up in the first three days!

To get started you can download it from the iTunes Store and log in with your Twitter account. Once you're on there’s a box you can type a tweet into - it says “what’s happening?” Once you post through this box your video link will either go live straightaway, or you can schedule your stream for later on.

This seems like a great way to communicate with your community, however, you can only stream live - there’s no option to watch it back later on.

To find out more about Meerkat, and to download it, check it out on the iTunes Store.