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Need more tech for your charity? Look no further!

Wed, 04/03/2015 - 15:17 -- samanthataylor

Do you need more technology in your charity organisation but find it a bit difficult to afford it? Look no further - the Technology Trust is exactly what you need.

They are a social enterprise working in partnership with the third sector to encourage charities and not-for-profits to use digital technology to enhance the way they work, and one of the things they do is the tt-exchange - a technology donation programme that allows eligible UK-based charities to request donated technology products.

Charities only have to pay a small administrative fee and can make savings of up to 96%!

On top of this, they have a whole range of other services such as tt-mail, tt-giftaid, and much much more.

For more information about tt-exchange and the other services provided by Technology Trust, head across to their website now.