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Love your community this weekend!

Wed, 15/04/2015 - 11:36 -- samanthataylor

Now that the better weather is here, we’re sure you’ll have lots of flourishing green spaces in your communities that you’re just itching to visit over the weekends - that’s why Community How To is getting behind the For The Love Of… our communities campaign, run by our friends over at The Big Lunch.

For The Love Of… our communities is a massive drive to highlight the effects of climate change, taking place place this weekend from the 17-19 April, in partnership with The Climate Coalition.

Maybe you love the wild hedgerows surrounding your neighbourhood, or a historical building which forms the basis of community get-togethers. Perhaps it’s the friendships made at one of your Big Lunch events, which have led to a feeling of community spirit - whatever you love about where you live, share it on social media and show the world what you want to protect from the effects of climate change!

Here are your three simple steps to get involved:

  • Over the weekend, share an image of the thing you love about your community on Facebook or Twitter, using the #biglunch or #fortheloveof hashtags.
  • Get your FREE Big Lunch pack to show the love in your neighbourhood and create some love where you live!
  • Visit to find out how you can get involved over the summer.

All the images sent in over the weekend will be compiled and displayed on The Big Lunch and Climate Coalition websites.

Keep an eye on our tools section for some great free resources from The Climate Coalition to help you organise your Big Lunch event in the 'For The Love Of…' theme.